WSI Learnscope Teams Kick Off...!

Workshop 1 July 26th 2007
A great start was seen today by the three teams congregating together at OTEN, Strathfield site to listen how to communicate across team projects using blogs and wikis. The NSW Learnscope Manager, Robyn Jay presented an informative session on communicating, collaborating and connecting across the 40 Learnscope project teams that have been approved for this years funding across NSW that are up and running for 2007. Three of these have been funded to Western Sydney Institute. The teams listened to the connected world of RSS feeds and bookmarking folksonomies such as delicious and flickr.
(Robyn Jay, NSW Learnscope Manager)

The teams facilitator Paula Williams walked them through the blogosphere of connected spaces getting the participants interacting with Blogger wikispaces and aggregators such as Bloglines and Feedreader.
(Paula Williams, WSI Learnscope Facilitator)

All teams successfully registered and published their first posts and syndicated to each other's new blogs and wikispaces!. The world of web 2.0 will be the means of reporting across the teams and with NSW Learnscope. Many of the teams will be thinking what application software tools such as wikis and blogs, podcasting, vodcasting will they be using to best suit their needs in collaborating in the project and how the web 2.0 services can syndicate with their feeds and tags to share their findings and help capture the daily experiences before they float away down the stream of time.

Web 2.0

Social software is a great way for recordings things, hence, all teams will be regularly sharing information across the Learnscope blogosphere using media wiki, blogger, and wikispaces.


Western Sydney Institute has three Team LearnScope projects approved and these are:

  1. Enviro-Sustainabilty Design
  2. Oodles of Moodle go to TaLE PLC Moodle
  3. Pedagogy for Online Teaching

Enviro-Sustainable Design

Second Workshop


A NSW Learnscope Induction Day has been scheduled for 11th May by ICVET for the successful teams. At this information session the team project managers and facilitators will be learning how to develop their project plans and scope their projects in line with their proposed budgetery requirements. They will also be hearing from the NSW Learnscope team how they will be reporting the progress of their projects and outcomes via media wiki NSW Learnscope and blogs and become nodes in the NSW Learnscope community network. Project Managers with the assistance of the NSW LearnScope scheduled workshops will be learning how to create these learning spaces to connect across the network as proof of concept for the project trials in 2007.

Professional Development

This year like last last year many of the learnscope project teams will be conducting web 2.0 workshops and demonstrating their emergent technologies in educational settings at showcases and scheduled workshops across WSI. The LTU will be coordinating with the WSI PD Unit on how to promulgate these sessions to a wider audience, so that anyone else not necessarily in the team can be afforded the opportunity to attend. Watch out for these scheduled events which will be dissemniated through this wikispace and the WSI intranet.

We look forward to another great year and the challenges to the knowledge era in teaching and learning.


Learnscope Induction Day


9.00 am - 9.45 am
9.45 am - 10.00 am Coffee / Tea
10.00 am - 10.15 am
Robyn Jay, NSW LearnScope Manager
- Welcome
10.15 am - 10.30 am
Jeff Saul, NSW Australian Flexible Learning Framework Co-ordinator
- Australian Flexible Learning Framework events, projects and other relevant information.
10.30 am - 11.00 am
Alex Hayes, NSW LearnScope Project Officer
- Introduction and use of the NSW LearnScope networked learning environment ie. wiki, blog, podcast
11.00 am - 11.15 am
Shane Dowd, NSW Toolbox Champion
- Introduction to AFLF Toolboxes - explanation of services available to NSW LearnScope teams
11.15 am - 12.30
Activity : Networking
- E-learning : Issues, themes, concepts and ways of working
12.30 am - 1.30 am
Lunch [ Networking ]
1.30 pm - 2.00 pm
Robyn Jay, NSW LearnScope Manager
- Project requirements and plans, reports, expectations
2.00 pm - 2.30 pm
Alex Hayes, NSW LearnScope Project Officer
- Virtual meeting rooms : I-Vocalise and Adobe Connect
2.30 pm - 2.45 pm
Rose Grozdanic ( title )
- Engaging Industry : ways of working and achieving outcomes with industry
2.45pm - 3.00 pm
Julie Collareda, Mananger Learning and Innovation, TAFE NSW Sydney Institute
- Engaging Senior Managers
3.00 pm - 3.15 pm
Judith Cooke ( title )
- Engaging community : open and networked models for collaboration
3.15 - 3.30 pm
Paula Williams ( title )
- Facilitation : Hints and Tips

Txt me learnscope project- Mobile Learning


[[txtme07:Aug 1st Guest Speaker|]]

Learnscope SMS Trials- AMES Presentation 007


guestspeakeri wiki

Alex Hayes and Paula Williams join TXT ME 007 Learnscope Team

eLearning 07

Final Learnscope 2007 ll teams congregated at the Round House, University of New South Wales, Randwick on 1-2 November 2007


Opening of eLearning07 Conference


View flickr to view events over the 2 days of networking,
collaborating,engaging and connecting...

Feedback and reflections in Connections and Conversations

Visit the NSW Learnscope Media-wiki to view posters and reports in Second life on Jokaydia


'Oodles of Moodle' and 'Enviro Sustainable Design' from WSI

Facilitating Project Teams

Learning how to be an effective facilitator?
As educators we all can teach but teaching teachers is another skill. A facilitator needs to learn how to adopt to the key behaviours that distinguish a teacher teaching students and a skilled facilitator for train the trainer.

Learnscope projects attract a very different and energetic participant who inwardly is very creative and enthusiastic team player. The team initially are very passionate about what they wish to bring to the project. It is important to keep that motivation and enthusiasm constant throughout the duration of the project. As facilitators you need to adjust your delivery to match participants not only to their learning styles but to the way they wish to contribute attitudinally towards their perspective of how the team will develop to the intended outcomes of the project in question.
Paula_on_Mlearn.jpgAs a facilitator you need to know how to monitor group dynamics and energy levels. This is very important as you will need to address difficult situations with sound advice that will keep the team cohesive. You will engage in questioning techniques through group discussions and most of all you need to lead the team to where they wish to go. The idea of a facilitator is that you navigate them through the maze of discovery to identify their intended outcomes of the project.