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Podcasting Workshops 2007

Monday 12th and 19th February 2007

9.30am-12.00 pm (Morning tea included )

Level 3 Computer Room
51 Wentworth Rd.
Strathfield NSW 2135

Tuesday 6th,14th and 21st March 2007

9.30am-12.00 pm (Morning tea included )

Computer Room
Penrith TAFE NSW

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Workshop Presentation Podcasting

Intended Audience:

This workshop is extremely interactive and will cater to all participants interested in workplace teaching and learning in Vocational Training and Education (VTE). Attendees will learn about and discuss innovative ways of applying the workshop’s concepts to their specialized field of practice.

The participants will work in groups to produce a mini ilecture. A narrow slice of in depth knowledge with instructions to a specific workplace problem based issue will be provided. This mini ilecture will demonstrate how expertise knowledge can be collaboratively shared using no headsets and only one ipod to as many listeners in the workplace as possible. Learn how itrips and radio transmitters can broadcast podcasts to the workplace. The idea of this workshop is to illustrate how trainees can use ipods and itrips as knowledge-acquisition tools to tap into expert instructional advice for in situ problem-based leaning.



Workshop Format and Activities


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Introduction to ipods, nano ipods,videopods and other Mp3 like tools
  3. What are Web 2.0 tools and how can these technologies provide high quality in situ learning in the workplace.
  4. Types of Web 2.0 services available such as audacity, podomatic, odeo and Juice for creating ilectures

Podcasting and Vodcasting



Paula E.Williams

elearning Development Officer
OTEN Learning Technologies Unit


I aim in this workshop to demonstrate to you how podcasting using ipods can be used as one form of knowledge-acquisition tool to facilitate on the job training in the workplace.


Create a mini ilecture based on a familiar task provided

    1. Broadcast lectures using radio frequency transmitters called itrips.
    2. Discuss ipods as knowledge acquisition tools in the workplace.

Small Group exploration of the use of ipods and syndicating with RSS
    1. Introduction and exploration of some uses of ipods and itrips in tertiary education
    2. Discussion of the benefits of each approach.

Conclusion and wrap-up

His Master Voice using: Recording in Audacity and subscribing from Podomatic through iTunes
  1. Broadcasting ilectures using radio frequency transmitters.
  2. Development of expertise using ipods as knowledge acquisition tools.

Small Group discussion on:
  • Uses of ipods and syndicating with RSS in tertiary education
  • potential benefits of ipods and Mp3 players as knowledge-acquisition tools in participants institutional teaching and learning environments
  • Overview of different audio-visual web 2.0 applications and implementation

Handout notes Methodology Simplified

Visit ilecture tecniques at Macquarie University


Participants will have the opportunity to engage with m- technology and will leave the workshop familiar with ‘web 2.0 services’ that will further enhance their digital fluency for today’s ‘connected era’. The facilitator will invite consideration and discussion around the challenges and opportunities presented by web 2.0 and participants will have the opportunity to discuss and explore possible applications of these technologies in their institutional settings.