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My background spans twenty years experience in managing technology-based projects for the VET sector as an educator and instructional designer for e-learning technologies at numerous PDN Teaching and Learning Units for TAFE NSW. My current role in the Learning Technologies Unit at Western Sydney Institute, TAFE NSW involves managing state wide projects and providing leadership, support and advice to teachers in the use of technology to enhance the support of learning. Part of my role is to empower teachers in the uptake of elearning technology approaches. I do this by acting as a consultant across the colleges scoping and analysing their skill needs not only in the emergent educational technologies but in new pedagogical ways they can potentially deliver their material.
Technology has opened up many platforms for a plethora of contemporary learning models which can now be implemented to support a range of learning styles. Teaching teachers these conceptual skills and new learning models allows them to be able to redesign their current delivery regardless of the current technology tool in vogue to meet a more flexible and learner centred approach not only for today’s, but for tomorrows students in TAFE. Teaching teachers to teach students the 'How' rather than the 'What' will give their learners greater sustainable skills to access information and make timely decisions swiftly and accurately throughout their professional career.
Ostensibly, scoping and analysing courses to have a more learner-centred focus as to the way teachers can deliver their subjects will engage the motivational aspect of learners wanting to learn. Majority of these sessions are conducted F2F initially and subsequently through synchronous/ asynchronous online facilitated workshops not only for professional development activities but also to assist in designing and developing training materials to support and contribute to the online capability development network for Western Sydney Institute.
As an educationalist, I have been writing for curriculum development for TAFE ESD, designing and implementing universally accessible e-learning materials for teachers and students, and coordinating numerous National Projects to support current and future training packages for TAFE and VET in schools. I hope to bring my expertise and skills to support the capability development of teachers across the Institute and build a greater flexible learning environment and quality development in current teaching practice to benefit the needs of the Community.
As an instructional designer at South Western and Northern Sydney TAFE Institutes I have led and managed projects for online learningware and the use of other technologies to support the teaching and learning process. This involved leading and driving collaborative workshops to promote innovation and integration of learning technologies to assist with the professional development of teachers in order to prepare them for emerging trends and educational approaches for online teaching and learning. I have successfully designed and implemented numerous teaching guides to support the implementation of technology solutions for Community Health Services (ESD) Curriculum Centres, TAFE NSW.
I recently have been awarded and recognised by WSI for my Innovative approaches in elearning across the Institute and have represented WSI at numerous national and international conferences and other Institutes across NSW. As a Flexible Learning Network (FLN) member and PCG member for some of the VLE projects for TEL’s 2008 I have the opportunity to participate in evaluating technologies in teaching and learning and to actively participate with numerous projects connected with Australian Flexible Learning Framework to help support the TAFE NSW state-wide initiative approach in line with the 21C paper. My experience with Adobe Connect, web2 applications VLE’s /PLE’s andSAM/OLS as well as 3 D virtual worlds and mLearning provides me with an extensive background and knowledge of emergent technology applications for helping teachers in designing and developing new pedagogical approaches to the way TAFE can deliver in the 21st Century. As a qualified adult educator, graphic artist and an online instructional designer I have been able to use my creative skills to enhance learner support strategies and develop new innovative ideas for educational technologies to complement the motivational effect of‘putting back the fun’ into learning. In the last two years I have been actively connecting, sharing and collaborating with other Institutes not only in Australia but also internationally. Some of these networks include in particular Sydney Institute, the Framework such as Learnscope/ ICVET/ and international teaching and learning bodies such as ODLAA and ASCILITE.
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