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ANT building better learning communities for the future...!

What is ANT ?
Our focus is to implement a range of new technologies and conduct trials in Institute learning environments across TAFE NSW. The trials will incorporate professional development and evaluation of the outcomes and impact of the new technologies on teachers, students and support staff.

It is anticipated that through this project, student learning will be enhanced by increased access to appropriate new and innovative technology in the learning space and beyond.

Our Goal
The project will identify solutions to address a number of barriers, issues and needs that were identified in the TOL2 research. In doing this, the provision and uptake of technology-supported and flexible learning is expected to increase, as will engagement and outcomes for students.

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Access ANT Showcase

ANT Showcase will demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the emerging educational technologies and system issues and expanded capacity and capability for flexible and technology-supported learning.

Who should attend?

Anyone that is involved in teaching and learning that wishes to learn about delivering in innovative ways to further enhance and engage students with their learning in todays ‘connected era’

The objectives of the ANT project are to:

· increase access to technology and flexibility for teaching and learning;
· determine the costs, benefits, issues and applications of included technologies;
· train teachers and educational support staff to use the technologies
. develop teaching and learning strategies using these technologies;
· identify the impact of the technologies on student engagement and outcomes;
· evaluate the impact of the technologies on teaching and learning practice;
· evaluate the impact of the technologies on current support and physical systems;
· draw conclusions and make recommendations about technologies for teaching and learning.

Projects Trialled across WSI

Semester 1 - Getting out there with the technology

Technologies being trialled

Status Report June 2007

Semester 2 - Gathering the Evidence

As we are all aware the projects are nearing completion, in order to finalise the reporting requirements and showcase proof of concept there are a number of tasks that we need to complete. The key activities include
  • Finalising reports ( template available 24th August)
  • Evaluation participation (planning workshop 3rd August)
  • Knowledge Packs development per team ( visit tafeonline2 wikispace )
  • Showcase for WSI scheduled October 2007

Semester 3 - Putting the 'Proof of Concept' Together

Knowledge Pack Workshop 2007

A TOL2 ANT statewide Knowledge Pack workshop is planned for 30 & 31 July 2007 at Wollongong. Paula Williams will be attending representing WSI.
The aim of this two day session is to inform teams how to create their project resources to be shared using the knowledge pack template. This wiki space will be the point of reporting so Bronwyn and Paula will be updating as information comes to hand.Visit TOL2 workshop wiki to find out more...

It is intended that we will hold fortnightly meetings through Connect to inform planning and roll out of the knowledge packs and in preparation of the Showcase. It is expected that each team will have a representative at each of the meetings. A schedule for these meetings will be sent out first week in August.

Final Reports

(template coming)
Teams need to start thinking about developing their final summary of the technologies trialled

Evaluation Participation

Friday 3rd August

Evaluation Workshops visit Evaluation wikispace

Knowledge Pack Workshop Guidelines

(to be uploaded following workshop)

WSI TOL2 ANT Showcase

25th October 2007 9.00am -5.00 pm Kingwood TAFE

The 2007 WSI TOL2 ANT Showcase is an opportunity for state wide trial teams to share their stories and celebrate their learning journey with colleagues. ?

Showcasing from WSI Team will include:

TOL2 ANT Project Teams

Richmond TAFE

The Richmond Business Services project involved creation of gap training lessons using iRivers and notebooks. It has expanded beyond our original intent of delivery to workplace trainees and now includes flexible delivery to mainstream students, including those who begin a course with us but then obtain a full time job. It has improved out student retention rate and Andrea is currently working on integrating this method of delivery with the use of digital Photostories.

Richmond College
What do face-to-face teachers in a quiet, rural college do when they are suddenly thrust into workplace training in the office towers of Sydney’s CBD? They can’t simply abandon their core teaching work, but they are required to take learning and assessment to the workplace.

The response of the teachers in the Richmond College TOL2 project was to get creative. We took course information to the workplace using laptop computers equipped with wireless broadband, we made video clips of teachers being interviewed, and audio recordings of teachers in front of classes. We uploaded video and audio to our website for access by workplace students.

It took some getting used to, but we achieved excellent student retention rate and proved it could be done. We’re now doing it all over again with our second group of workplace students.

Blue Mountains TAFE

Learning in the Field Effectively
Not everyone works behind a desk! Technology is fine... but how can it get out to those on the field (anywhere other than a classroom.)
This team took video cameras, laptops, pdas and mp3 players to places not normally considered to be classrooms.
The activities undertaken included:
  1. Collecting data, Measuring things, Identifying stuff, Practicing skills, Recording information
  2. Videoing student activity so they can learn: outdoor skills, canoeing, abseiling and climbing, learning to train and assess
  3. Recording assessment activities in dealing with a client, leading a tour, going places

Nirimba TAFE

The CLAMS on PDA project was designed to improve holistic assessment of students in the workplace via photos, videos and audio recordings. Future plans are underway for e-Portfolios to be maintained as evidence of students’ work - allowing even greater quality evidence to meet AQTF requirements.The project originally started with teachers in Carpentry & Joinery at Nirimba College who had workplace based pre-apprentices and trainees. A team of teachers from General Manufacturing at Mt Druitt College have now commenced a trial and we anticipate more sections will come on board soon.

Assessment Templates on PDA
The idea behind the assessment templates was to allow teachers to record evidence of student competence into the formats they needed for their records. CLAMs does not currently allow for reporting. Although the Training Plans component is working towards this, it is certainly not available on the PDA.Teachers have different varieties of documents, different courses they are teaching and different student groups. We wanted to investigate the idea of making it easy for teachers to design and use their own documents on the PDA Although our trial has used Units of Competency, the project can conceivably be adapted to record workplace tasks, projects, etc., that teachers have mapped back to a unit or selection of units.



Mobile Technologies integrating with Web 2.0 Services

Audio Dynamism

Getting to grips with audio: there has been a whole lot of audiodynamism going on!

Our WSI-OTEN project has been getting to grips with audio-technologies as tools for learning and teaching. Early on in the project, we have discovered that audio is a big playing field! So basically we’re pursuing our own audio interests which include:
  • Creating and connecting to engaging podcasts
  • Creating & editing recordings for web resources & to send in email
  • Uses for VoIP applications
On Wednesday 29/6, we were lucky to book a workshop conducted by visiting elearning trailblazer, Leigh Blackall at Blue Mountains TAFE. Team members got a working insight into the world of connectivism. We got our hands dirty downloading Audacity and Lame , loading sound up to Odeo, and practising Billboard Postering our content with social software sites as Bloglines .

Learnscope 2006

Their blog throughout the project is:
These are their Podcasts:

Learning Technologies Unit (LTU) WSI/OTEN

Western Sydney Institute ANT TOL2 Team 2006

WSI Showcase on innovation and technology in teaching and learning Visit to access the video Showcase Technologies 2006


WSI ANT TOL2 Team Project


Beth Hobbs

CEO WSI/OTEN Learning Technologies Unit (LTU)
Contact 9715 8080 Email:


Paula Williams

SEO WSI /OTEN Learning Technologies Unit (LTU)
Contact (02) 9715 8441 Email:

Paul King
Contact Email:

I have been a Distance Education teacher for for over 5 years and have a background as a Web Developer and Project Manager for various projects including commercial projects and the first round of TOL. I am currently facilitating the TOL2 Adobe Connect Trial. My main focus with technology is on how it can benefit and enhance the learning process.

Richmond TAFE


Ann Roberts IT Teacher Richmond WSI

Contact Email: