Monday 25th June WSI Showcase 2007

WSI trialled its first attempt at showcasing to online listeners from a face to face audience onsite at OTEN. WSI set up two satellite sites one at Mt Druitt and the other at Richmond Campus. The integration of the Smartboard through Adobe Connect was able to be seen live across the Institute to anyone with access to the internet url

Audiences engaged at their desks at local sites and at the conference site itself. For those who were unable to make the conference recording were made. These recording are available below. Visit the url to see the power of Adobe Connect and how we can now reach out anywhere at anytime synchronously or asynchronously to you.Now that's flexibility!


Re thinking Teaching & Learning


Have you ever asked yourself as e-practitioners of the 21st century what are the new learning styles of today's ubiquitous learners? Has emerging educational technologies transformed the way learners can now access their learning needs, and what is their expectation as to how they can learn? Rather, how does that expectation match the way we are currently delivering their training in VTE?

The 2007 WSI Showcase Re-thinking Teaching & Learning hopes to demystify many of the misconceptions surrounding teaching and learning and the pedagogical concerns when implementing the emergent technologies of web 2.0 and virtual classrooms. We hope we can demonstrate 'best practice' of the way teachers have re-thought or rather re-designed how they can deliver their material that will support and prepare the learner in the knowledge era. This year's showcase will identify a broad range of case studies and practical exemplars as a 'proof of concept' to those questionable web 2.0 tools in education and how they have impacted on today's students studying in VTE.

The WSI Showcase was opened by Ron Wright, Associate Director TAFE NSW Institute OTEN and Eastern Colleges.
Ron gave an empowering speech about innovation in teaching and learning. His comment was that we have many pockets of innovation but now the time has come to make this universal.

Guest Speakers from AFLF
The Showcase kicked off with our first guest speaker Jeff Saul , NSW Framework CoOrdinator of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF). Jeff discussed about a continuing strategy to provide the VTE system with elearning skills development resources and support for a technology-driven learning environment.

CIMG2830.JPGCIMG2831.JPGNSW Learnscope

Alex Hayes gave a warm welcome on behalf of NSW Learnscope about what's new? Alex spoke about the many regional face-to-face learning events, National Leadership groups and virtual worlds.

We wished him farewell to the Great Sandy desert for 9 days to visit the Parnngurr, Jigalong and Punmu communities conducting capability building project workshops with community Elders and school staff.

If you'd like to contribute to this project please keep a daily eye on the following sites begining now;

Bronwyn Davies discussed the power of Clams on PDA. Visit here to view presentation


Listen to the asynchrounous presentations of Michael Cochrane from Automotive, Blacktown, Karen Daniels and Phil Burgess with their amazing smartboard presentations and many more click here . For those that missed the after lunch presentations listen to Sam Meredith from New England Institute demonstrated how RFID can deliver training in sport and recreation complete with hard hat


To fast forward the recording simply left click and hold your mouse and drag the time bar playing across to increase the minutes as illustrated on the bottom left hand corner of the window.

(Left)Phil Burgess
Baulkham Hills

(Right) Sam Meredith
Armidale TAFE