Creating quick simple vodcasts in 3 easy steps

This workshop describes how to vodcast using Windows Moviemaker (free in XP), a Webcam and syndicating using Web.2.0 tools such as

Lesson plan

1.Creating a Video
  • Left click on the' Start' button on the bottom left hand cormer to access your Windows Movie Maker (you will need to have XP installed).
  • Connect your Webcam USB to your computer
  • Click 'Capture from video device' it will automatically find your Webcam
  • If you have a video anyway you can click on 'Import Video'
  • The next screen will walk you through the webcam wizard set up
  • Once done click 'Finish'
  • Then click 'Record' to commence your video
  • Click 'stop'

Watch demo live through Paula Demo

Example live of group

2. Editing your movie in Movie Maker
  • Drag your movie into the storyboard to edit and then save in your video folder

3. Register with to publish your video
  • Go to site and register as a user
  • Upload you video and save
  • Click onto 'RSS feed' rss.gif on your newly created BlipTV page
  • Copy RSS URL and paste into your aggregator eg Bloglines or Feedreader itunes
  • Syndicate by subscribing to each other's vodcasts across the learnscope team goto Podcast page

Video Converter

You can convert your video files into various formats from your camera or phone device using this software download
AVS4you and (access Super freeware) is another software that allows conversion of files

Visit Captivate Demo of how this was done...

Five easy Steps to Vodcasting using other devices

Workshop Demos

Nirimba C& J team having fun