Smartboards and eBeams

Whats the difference ?

One is portable the other is static.
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So how are they used? Demo video

Smartboards or Electroboard free training notes


Visit these sites to learn more...

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Portable eBeams (Interactive Keepad)


Visit eBeam Interactive
eBeam Projection using the Interact software, allows you to turn any projected image into an interactive whiteboard. You simply attach the eBeam receiver to any surface and then project your image onto your surface - whiteboard, screen, glass, brickwork - anything! Using the stylus you then have full control of your desktop.
eBeam Whiteboard using the Capture software, allows you to capture what you write on a whiteboard onto your computer screen. You are able to save images in a variety of formats such as: JPG, PPT, PPS, EMF, BMP, TIF, PDF and more. You can also edit images directly on your computer. You have the ability to create a 'master diagram' that you can then use like a template.
ritePen is handwriting recognition software, no additional hardware required. You can write with a pen on a tablet PC, screen tablet, pen tablet or a mouse and your handwriting is converted into text and entered into your Windows application (Word, WordPad, Notepad, Excel, Outlook, File manager, IE etc.)