Medical Education meets Virtual Reality at Duke's University for Nursing

They have built a Second Life® infrastructure that allows faculty and students experiential learning, role-playing, and promotes social interaction, in a collaborative environment in their distance education online medical informatics course. visit here.

Give Education a Second Life

(visit Monroe College (NMC)

This year’s symposium will attempt to look past the hype surrounding virtual worlds such as Second Life and evaluate whether they offer real opportunities for learners at UK educational institutions.

The symposium is intended for policy makers, practitioners and technologists working in the areas of information and communications technology and e-learning service delivery in UK HE and FE institutions. Visit more EduServ Symposium

Listen to Phillip Rosedale, Second Life where anything happens is POSSIBLE Talks SL Philip Rosedale

Virtual Worlds visit Real Learning - Pedagogical Reflections by Delia Bradshaw AFLF Report 2006

Second Life In Education

Visit Second Life Wikispace and uses of SL in Education 2007

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Visit the Learnscope wikispace for Using Second Life Virtual World in Teaching and Learning My avatar is now visiting some great in worlds...

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Have a listen to what Virtual E Networks had to say

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To provide you with some overview of Second Life and it's possibilities you should firstly visit Second Life in Education Wiki!

Getting started

  1. Ensure you have a computer with adequate system requirements and broadband Internet access
  2. Sign up for an account: Second Life Registration. Don't join a community - skip that step
  3. Download and install the Second Life client software
  4. Firstly visit 'Orientation Island' to familiarise yourself with the Second Life software

Imagining the World: The Case for Non-Rendered Virtuality - the Role Play Simulation Model Roni Linser, Fablusi P/L Albert Ip, Fablusi P/L, Melbourne.


Both role-play simulations and Virtual Worlds as pedagogy have now been around for some time and are both considered to be highly effective in creating effective and memorable experiences for learners. But whereas the rendered gaming model of virtual worlds seems to have captured the imagination of trainers, educators and researchers, the role-play model seems to have languished somewhat. This paper explores some of the pedagogic and psychological issues for learning associated with the rendering or non-rendering of virtual worlds. We argue that while rendered environments can contribute to learning, they are often too shallow for purposes such as fostering strategic thinking and problem solving. In such cases, non-rendered virtual worlds may be better in using and fostering the required imaginative capacities of learners.

Ausweb Paper:
Ten years ago Paul Moore, a researcher from Wollongong University in Australia, concluded a paper on the implications of virtual reality (VR) for education by saying:"Current theory and methodology therefore is based on what will most likely be future fact, when the technologies associated with VR are able to do what they are being designed to do: to develop accurately rendered worlds which can successfully create a complex illusion of cognitive presence. Once this is possible on a day to day basis, the concepts of learning through guided or self guided experience in virtual worlds of variable verity may be attained."Today the "complex illusion of cognitive presence" is clearly available in many virtual worlds, games, simulations and networked virtual environments though not necessarily as an effect of "accurately rendered worlds" which Moore argued was the aim of VR. Read more...Ausweb Paper

Constructivist Learning

Visit this link to learn about EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI)



Leigh Blackall has some interesting views on SL at Webstock in Wellington, NZ

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Education and Second Life (SL) is currently being trialled in VTE. Visit flexible framework to find out more..
Australian Flexible Learning Framework SL