'Oodles of Moodle' NSW Learnscope Team


  • Creation of a core group of VTE teachers with the skills and experience to deliver high quality support to distance and F2F students using Moodle as one form of open source LMS and other compatible e-learning applications within Moodle
  • Improved technical skills and understanding of the features, functions and appropriateness of open source LMS applications for designing , implementing and delivering VTE programs
  • Development - through action- learning – of a protocol or model for using open source LMS like Moodle in the delivery of VTE that will assist in the continuing professional development of VTE practitioners.

Focus of Professional development

Train and up-skill VTE teachers in the use of Moodle as one form of open source LMS and any other interoperable e-learning technologies that integrate with Moodle to further engage VTE, Pathways and Indentured Trainee students across a wide representation of Industry groups in the VTE sector by:

  • Exploring the benefits of, and the interoperability of other e-learning technologies with Moodle as a potentially flexible and sustainable open source LMS for today’s U-learner (ubiquitous learner) in the VTE sector.
  • AnalysingAnalysing the appropriateness of emerging e-learning techniques for augmenting the delivery of education and support to students who are: geographically disadvantaged, learners with disabilities, indigenous groups and disengaged learners
  • DevelopingDeveloping skills for designing innovative approaches and novel ways for implementing and delivering learning using open source LMS such as Moodle and other elearning technologies that are interoperable with Moodle such as Adobe Connect, Captivate and other Macromedia technologies.
  • LearningLearning to assess Moodle as a potential open source LMS, and evaluate the benefits in teaching and learning to augment today’s U-Learners in VTE.
  • DiscoveringDiscovering ways in which VTE teachers can harness the capacity of Moodle and it features and functions to design appropriate learning materials to better engage their learners

Learning across our lives’: your community of learners and context
TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute (WSI) is a large, complex, decentralized educational Institute, employing approximately 1450 full-time staff and 2500 part-time staff. WSI delivers training and assessment services throughout Western Sydney as well as state-wide, nationally and overseas to approximately 85 000 students each year. Learning is by classroom and distance delivery.

Project Team Members:
Project Manager: Beth Hobbs, A/Manager Educational Development Learning Technologies
Project Facilitators: Brian Simmons (Mt Druitt) Paula Williams e-Learning Development Officer (OTEN LTU).