Mobile Technology and M-Learning


mLearning is defined as “the acquisition of any knowledge and skill using mobile technology, anywhere, anytime, that results in an alteration of behaviour.”
(Geddes, 2004)

TXT Me 007

Txt Me 007 A NSW Learnscope project for AMES, Burwood NSW. Guest speaker Paula.E Williams on SMS in education and training 2007


What are these Technologies?
There are many mobile tools currently used to provide learning opportunities to learners. They include mobile phones, ‘smart phones’, PDAs (personal digital assistants also known as palms or handheld Personal Computers (PCs)), game consoles and Tablet PCs and laptops that have wireless capabilities. A report from NESTA Futurelab (Naismith, Lonsdale, Vavoula & Sharples, 2004) summarises many mobile learning projects from around the world. These projects made use of a wide range of mobile capable devices to provide learning to a diverse range of students. In this paper, the term mLearning will refer to learning content and support that is delivered to apprentice learners based in the workplace via mobile phones

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PDA's and their uses

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The potential of mediascapes is huge and what you can do with them is almost unlimited. What you can do with mediascape are endless! You can think up a wide range of curriculum-specific ideas and cross-curricula activities.

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