Digital Storytelling

PhotoStory 3 is an exciting emerging technology for digital storytelling. PhotoStory 3 is like Powerpoint on steroids which integrates audio, text and images in a very user-friendly way. It integrates seamlessly into all Microsoft applications. (For example, you can embed Photostory into Microsoft Powerpoint.) The benefits of this software are:
  • a professional, stylish result
  • small file size
  • easy download to your computer, mobile device or email

This is a free download as long as you have Windows XP

Media Series 11

Should you wish to install PhotoStory 3 yourselves at home to have a feel for the software you will firstly need to install Media Series 11 before getting started.

Photostory 3 Microsoft Windows

eLearning using Photostory

Exciting new developments from Victoria using Photostory!

Start sketching some ideas before they fade away


Every picture can tell a story

  • ideas for eLearning¬∑ projects using PhotoStory
  • resources for teaching online
  • design tips and hints

Getting Started click here

Instructions for using Photo Story 3