Adobe Captivate 3

This software enables anyone to rapidly create powerful and engaging simulations, scenario-based training, and robust quizzes without programming knowledge or multimedia skills.


Adobe Captivate 3 software enables educators to develop engaging, interactive content that improves communication and students' comprehension of course material. From online tutorials to interactive quizzes, professors and teachers can create professional-quality content without programming knowledge or multimedia skills ? and improve course evaluations. Adobe Captivate 3 is so easy to use, students can also create their own interactive projects with just a few clicks.

Have a go at this Quiz template to see how easy it is...

bananas in pyjamas

Automatically record onscreen actions. Add mouse movements and text captions to create an interactive demonstration that more effectively communicates course content. Or include eLearning interactions, such as scored quizzes and instructional feedback, to test students' subject knowledge. From teaching students to use software applications to improving their comprehension of a foreign language or science coursework, Adobe Captivate 3 makes it easy to create interactive, visual eLearning material.

Captivate 3 versus Adobe Presenter